Simple Way to Cut Butter Into Flour


Cutting butter into flour is always a lot of work to me. In fact I usually put off making anything that involves having to cut butter into flour. Just ask my husband how long it’s been since I’ve made him a pie… yep, he’ll tell ya it’s been longer than a year.

My son, who now lives on his own, came out last weekend and we decided to fix sausage, eggs and cheese biscuits. When I was ready to make the biscuits, he told me he had a handy little tip on cutting in the butter he wanted to show me. He said one time he decided to make biscuits and gravy and didn’t feel like going to all the work of cutting the butter into the four. He still doesn’t have a lot of kitchen tools yet, like a pastry blender, food processor, or anything like that. So he looked around the kitchen, saw his cheese grater and tried this….

It worked out great. In my opinion, it’s a whole lot faster than using a pastry blender, a whole lot quicker to clean up than using a food processer, and whole lot less work than trying to cut the butter into small pieces with a knife. From now on, I’ll be grating my butter. 

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      Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for hosting the Blog Hop, will be visiting again soon! 🙂



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