Yes, It’s Been a While

Wow, it seems like for ever since I posted anything here. And you know, I’ve missed it. I didn’t intend to quit posting here, it just happened. As I’ve mentioned before, I started a YouTube channel. The reason I decided to start it is because I’ve found it hard to keep up with all that’s going on around here through blog posts. There just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. With videos, it makes it just a little bit easier because I can capture the content while we’re out working, then edit it and have it ready to post. Where posts seem to take more time because we go out and work, take pictures, edit the pictures, then I have to come in and write, then edit. If I focus on writing, I tend to fall behind on the work that needs to be done around here and if I focus on the work, I fall behind writing. Since I’m not much of a multitasker, I decided to focus on making videos for a while to see if it’d be something I’d like. It’s been great because I’m learning all sorts of new things and have met a lot of fun like-minded people.

Over the course of the last couple months I’ve been pondering what to do about this blog. I’d been considering deleting it until one day I logged on here, after not logging on for several months, and discovered that there’s been a steady stream of visitors here. Not a large amount by any means, but a surprising amount considering I haven’t been posting anything. So that complicated things and made it hard to continue with my decision to cancel my blog.

After taking more time to think about it, I finally decided I just couldn’t give up on this. I couldn’t leave all you that have followed me and been supportive from the beginning, nor do I want to lose all the work I’ve put into this. So I made the decision to do some revising on this blog, and start posting here again. I plan to start sharing my YouTube videos here, which I should have done from the beginning, in addition to writing posts. I really appreciate everyone’s support and not giving up on me as I’ve taken time to make decisions on what direction I want to go.

For those of you who aren’t following me on YouTube here are some of the happenings this spring:

We had some new baby goats…


Our baby chicks arrived in the mail…


We’re getting the garden planted…

Be sure to check out our Youtube channel to see more happenings around here. Also be sure to check back for new posts coming soon.


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