Monthly Archives: May 2016

How We Process Chickens

Chicken processing can be quite intimidating, especially if this is your first time doing it. This is our 7th time to do it, plus we’ve also processed our own turkeys 4 times. Each time it gets a little easier because we learn something new or discover a different way to do something that helps us to become more efficient at it. Here’s how we process our chickens…
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If the Garden Fails, At Least We’ll Have Plenty of Weeds To Eat!

I do believe that the weeds have officially taken over the area of the garden that we didn’t mulch. They’re so thick you can’t even see the ground, nor can you see any of the beans we planted. I’d have to say that the beans are pretty much doomed, wouldn’t you?
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Yay! We Have a Clothesline!

Oh, I’ve wanted a nice clothesline for so long and now I’ve finally got one! Between the electric rates here and our inefficient house, we’re stuck with ridiculously high electric bills. We’ve researched ways to make our house more efficient but unfortunately with the type of house we own there’s not a lot we can do that wouldn’t cost a fortune. So instead we’ve been taking baby steps to get away from depending on the grid so much. Hopefully having this clothesline will help reduce our energy costs.  Continue reading

Seed Giveaway

Oh, I’m so excited! The seeds I ordered a week ago arrived in the mail the other day. The green house finally got in the 6 packs of tomatoes and green peppers that I’ve been waiting for, so I picked them up. I’ve got the majority of the other seeds I’m wanting to plant rounded up, so now all that’s left to do is plant. Once that’s done, I’ll officially have my garden in. Sounds simple, right? Well…not exactly, because there’s still plenty of back aching planting to be done. But at least it’s all gathered up so there’s no more excuses to not get it planted.
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