Two Surprises in one Day!

We spent the weekend preparing for a winter storm that was supposed to bring lots of snow, wind and blizzard conditions. It’s something that we always dread when winter hits, mostly because it makes doing chores an even bigger chore when there’s a ton of snow to deal with. Our winter had started out so mild in the beginning that I was really holding out hope that it would continue to be that way until spring. But no such luck.

On Saturday afternoon, we all took some time to put out extra bedding for the animals, fill feeders, and get deicers installed and running. We also made a wood pile close to the house where we’d have easy access to it and tarped it. With everyone pitching it, it really didn’t take long at all to get ready… or I guess I should say prepared because we’re never ready for snow!

When I went to bed that night, the wind was howling but there wasn’t any snow flying at the time. I kept waking up off and on through the night because the wind was so strong it was shaking the fence next to our house and waking me up. I kept thinking to myself that we’d probably be completely snowed in by morning.

I awoke to my sister knocking at the door. She was bringing my niece, Keesha, down for me to watch since she was on Christmas break. Between forgetting to set my alarm and not sleeping very well through the night, I had accidentally over slept. I was also surprised to see them because I figured they wouldn’t have made it down with all the snow we were supposed to be getting. Then I glanced outside and saw that we didn’t have any snow at all!

What an awesome surprise!

Once my sister left, Miley woke up and she and Keesha started playing together. I sat down on the couch and tried to wake up. The more I tried, the sleepier I got. So I finally told the kids I was going to go back to bed for a little while. I meant to lie in bed, rest, and try to wake up but I ended up dozing off. Next thing I know, I jumped out of bed thinking I’d been sleeping for a long time and I was late getting chores done.

Then I discovered another surprise. This little note was taped to my door…

The sweetest surprise ever!

They went out and did all the chores by themselves!

No snow to shovel, plus I got to stay inside and lounge in my PJs a bit longer today…

I couldn’t have asked for two better surprises to start out the day!

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