No New Posts, Here’s Why…

As you’ve probably noticed, things have been a little quite around here lately. It hasn’t been intentional, it’s just that things have been so busy that  I haven’t had enough time to post. I take pictures and jot down notes of all the latest happenings with intentions of getting them posted then… life happens, so I take more pictures and jot down notes, and pretty soon I have a whole pile of notes with pages being added every day because life keeps going no matter if I’m caught up or not.

So I’ve decided to start making videos of the latest happenings around here because I’ve found it to be a little easier to capture it all and get it posted in a timelier manner. I still plan on posting articles on here too, in fact I have quite a few planned out and hope to get them done soon.

For now if you’re interested you can check out my YouTube channel at:

Welcome to Our Homestead:

Curious what night time chores are like around here?

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