Days May Be Getting Shorter, But Still Lots to Do!

I know it’s been a while since I last posted, but things have just been busy… there’s just not enough time in the day to get everything done. Normally at this time of the year, things start to wind down around here. The garden slows down, the goat dries up and milking comes to an end for the year, and we start planning when to butcher our turkeys and meat chickens. But this year has been so different and I’m beginning to wonder if we will get everything done by the time winter hits. I really hope so because I really don’t want to be out butchering birds when the snow is flying.

So far the only thing close to being on schedule is our milking season has come to an end. We milked the last time for this year last week and are using up our last quart…

We’re sure going to miss the milk, but it’s kind of nice to have less to do for morning chores now. I’ll have to remember to start adding milk to the grocery list. It always takes me a while to get back into the swing of remembering to buy milk because I’ve been in a habit of skipping over that section for so long… so we’ll probably be out of milk a lot for a while until I get used to it.

We put a couple of our goats that we want bred in with Snickers, our buck.

So if they get bred in a timely manner, we’ll have some new kids around middle to end of March. We’re getting around to doing this about a month later than usual, but I think it will be nice to have the kids born in March when the weather won’t be as cold, hopefully.

With the warmer weather we’ve been having, which has been delightful by the way, the garden has been going crazy.

We picked the green beans last weekend…

and had lots of good help getting them all snapped….

I got them all canned, took a couple days to clean up the kitchen, catch up on housework, and run errands, then planned to start picking tomatoes to can. Went out to the garden and discovered the beans needed picking again. So I decided to pick and can them first before I do any tomatoes because I have more tomatoes canned than I do beans. Miley and I spent one afternoon picking them, and in the process, I decided to pull the plants as I picked them. It made it go a little quicker, plus I figured its getting late enough in the year that our growing season will be ending soon so I doubt we’d really get too many more from them. Also… that way it ensures that I’m officially done with beans for the year.

We had some volunteer potato plants come up; Miley got a little sidetracked digging them up and searching for bugs.

Today the kids helped get all the beans snapped and I’ve got them in the canner as I’m typing this.

Tomorrow, since part of the family will be off from work, I’ll get them to help pick tomatoes so I can get those canned over the next several days. The kids told me I should do the same thing with my tomatoes that I did with my beans and just pull them out as we pick them… that way we’ll be officially done. Can ya tell we’re getting just a little tired of the garden? 🙂 I won’t do that with the tomatoes though, I use a lot of them fresh, so we’ll have to deal with picking tomatoes a while longer.

About a month and a half ago we bought 15 meat birds to put in the freezer for winter. Here in another month or so they’ll be big enough to butcher. Normally at this time we usually start butchering but I’m actually glad we got them a little later this year since we’ve had a lot of canning to do. Just hope the weather will stay nice for at least another month because butchering when it’s cold out isn’t fun. I’m planning to post more about them soon.

The turkeys are getting huge… doesn’t he look beautiful with his feathers fluffed?

They’re a little bigger than we planned for them to be and really should have butchered them a while back. Everyone’s been having busy work schedules lately and we can’t seem to get them all coordinated to where everyone has a day or two off together to get butchering done, but we plan to try to get them done with in the next couple weeks. One of our female turkeys went missing today. We’ve looked everywhere for her and can’t find her anywhere. There are no feathers around and we don’t see any evidence of a predator getting her. So… now we’re wondering if she might be setting on a nest of eggs somewhere because we just realized we haven’t gathered any turkey eggs for a very long time. I have to admit if she does reappear being followed by a group of baby poults, it will be super cute. But at the same time, it wears me out thinking about it because we’re trying to downsize for winter. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if she shows back up.

I know this post is full of a lot of randomness… but that’s just how our life is at the moment… crazy and random. Oh, speaking of crazy and random, I learned something new yesterday. Did you know that guineas catch mice and actually eat them? I didn’t know that until I saw it happen. It was pretty gross… but I find it interesting they do that.

Ok, so I think I better go check the beans and get off here before my tiredness makes me post more random things than you probably want to know.

One thing for sure, the days may be getting shorter, but there’s still a lot to do before winter!



4 thoughts on “Days May Be Getting Shorter, But Still Lots to Do!

  1. June

    Wow – you have been busy! I pulled the last of my sweet peppers and chillies last week. All I have left growing now are brassicas – Brussels sprouts, broccoli and a few different kinds of cabbage. Not sure how far into winter they’ll last, but they seem fine for now. I’m so with you on there just not being enough hours in the day to get stuff done at this (harvest) time of year but it sounds like you’re nearly there and have lots of homegrown produce waiting to be eaten over the quiet winter months – a just reward for all the hard work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. humblelittlehomestead Post author

      Sounds like you’re keeping busy too! It would be awesome to have some fall cabbage to turn into sauerkraut! That was in my plan for this year but I just didn’t get around to planting any for fall.
      Yeah… the only thing that keeps me going through this busy time is the fact that it will be over soon and then we can enjoy it. It makes it all worth it.


    1. humblelittlehomestead Post author

      Thank you, I feel very honored that you would say that. 🙂 I love those books, in fact I’m planning to start reading them to Miley this winter when things calm down.
      A while back my neighbor brought me a newspaper article, about this place, that he had saved. It was written by my great grandfather and in it he talks about how they came from Tennessee by horse and wagon and claimed this land back in 1883. It’s very interesting and reminds me a lot of those books too. I plan on writing about it in a month or so once I have more time and get a little more research done.



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