Daily Archives: October 3, 2015

No Apples This Year

This year has been one fungusey year, I tell ya. Yeah I know, fungusey isn’t a real word, but with all the fungus I’ve dealt with this summer it’s officially became a word around our house because there’s no other way to describe it other than… fungusey. Seems like one thing after another came down with some sort of fungus all summer long. From flowers and shrubs, to tomatoes and even the apple tree, it was all affected by fungus this year.

Unfortunately our apple tree got cedar apple rust, which is a fungus that requires both cedar and apple trees to reproduce. It starts out in the spring with the cedar and once the spores form, they travel by air to the apple tree where they infect the leaves and blooms. The apple tree will develop yellow spots on the leaves and late summer the spores will mature and travel by air back to the cedar tree to complete the life cycle. You can read more about the life cycle of cedar-apple rust here.

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