Our Chicks Hatched!

There’s been all sorts of excitement and anticipation over the arrival of our chicks!  When hatching day finally came, Miley made many trips made to the coop to see if the eggs were hatching. Each trip ended with a little disappointment because she didn’t hear any peeps or see any chicks. As the day went on, she wondered if any would be any hatching, and even at one point, I was wondering the same thing too. I told her we just needed to be patient and wait another day or so because the chicks could be hatching and we didn’t want to risk disturbing them.

By the next afternoon, Miley heard small peeps. She was both relieved and excited because it meant at least one little chick hatched. The hens were still very protective and not wanting to be disturbed.  So again, I suggested we be patient and let them be in case some chicks were still in the process of hatching.

On day two after the hatch date, excitement grew even more because Miley caught a glimpse of not one, but two little chicks! She really wanted to get them out of the nesting box but I suggested we wait just one more day in case there might be some still hatching.

The following afternoon, we decided it was finally time! I carefully lifted the first hen off the nest and put her on the floor… it was quite a challenge too, because she was pretty cranky. The next one was even more crankier than the first one. Normally I would have just left them alone, but with the type of nesting box we have there’s no way for the chicks to get out. Once I got her out, Miley was surprised to find that we had three little chicks! She, of course, volunteered to be the one to lift them out of the box.

The hens were quite happy to finally be out of that box and went straight for the water and food. It took them no time to show the chicks how to eat and drink, it was sure cute watching them interact.

Several hours after we got them all situated, we went out to check them and I happened to look at the nest of eggs that were left. There was one egg that was barely starting to hatch. I tried putting it under the hens to see if they’d sit on it but they were more concerned over keeping track of their chicks and I couldn’t get them to stay on it. So I took it in the house and ended up helping it hatch.

Here’s a video showing our chicks with the hens, plus the process we went through as we helped the one hatch and return him to the others.

It was quite an experience, we learned a lot and best of all we have not 3, but four happy, healthy chicks.

9 thoughts on “Our Chicks Hatched!

  1. Dawn@CCH

    How exciting! I think the hardest thing for me right now is waiting, so I know how she felt. It’ll probably be next year before we even get started on our homestead since I still haven’t even been released from the doctor yet, and it’s so hard! Lol!

    Congrats on your four healthy chicks!


    1. humblelittlehomestead Post author

      I hope you’re able to be released soon! Good luck at getting your homestead all started and set up… that’s the fun part. It’s pretty addicting! 🙂
      Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person


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