Getting Ready For Our New Arrivals

Today we’ve been cleaning out the coop while trying not to be blown away, it’s horribly windy out there, and gearing up for the arrival of our new chicks. Excitement and anticipation are mounting as the curiosity over how many chickens will hatch and what they will look like grows. The hens are growing crankier by the minute… but who can blame them? I know I’d be pretty cranky too if I sat crammed in a nesting box with another hen for 20 straight days. I’m sure they’re ready to have this over and done with so they can get out and about with their new bundles of fluff.

Last update, there was quite a lot of drama going on over who exactly was going to be sitting on the nest. It started out with two light colored hens sitting, and then the red hen ran them out every day to lay her egg. Eventually she went broody, claimed a spot on the nest and one of the light ones gave up.

The coop is clean and fresh bedding is laid down…

A nest big enough for two hens and their babies is built… just cause ya know… they need a cushy, soft, warm place to sleep. 😉

Yep, everything is in place and ready… now it’s just a matter of waiting…

Be sure to check back in a few days to see how it all goes!


2 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Our New Arrivals

  1. Constance

    I can’t wait to see the new baby chicks!!! 🙂 You are making me want to leave some eggs in one of my nesting boxes to see if anychick goes broody… But more than twelve? and what if it’s another rooster! Four roosters? Oh my!!! Never mind, I just talked myself out of it! Ha!



    1. humblelittlehomestead Post author

      Ha! Yeah, I hear ya! I’m kinda thinking the same thing… what did we get ourselves into? Especially if we have more roosters. There’s a family here, that we give and/or sell (really cheap) the roosters to. They’re always thrilled to get them to butcher and we enjoy helping them out, so it works out good for both of us.



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