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What Our Chore Routine Is Like

Chores, chores, chores… every morning and evening we always have chores!! I admit, doing chores every single day… morning and night… day in and day out… can leave us feeling burned out at times. There’s no break… the animals have … Continue reading

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Fall Garden Update

Shortly after my last garden update, we went out and cleared the weeds out of one end of the garden. It was quite a chore, let me tell ya! Those weeds were so thick and tall it made it really … Continue reading

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Our Chicks Hatched!

There’s been all sorts of excitement and anticipation over the arrival of our chicks!  When hatching day finally came, Miley made many trips made to the coop to see if the eggs were hatching. Each trip ended with a little … Continue reading

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Getting Ready For Our New Arrivals

Today we’ve been cleaning out the coop while trying not to be blown away, it’s horribly windy out there, and gearing up for the arrival of our new chicks. Excitement and anticipation are mounting as the curiosity over how many … Continue reading

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Treating Blossom Drop in Tomatoes

Back in the spring, while doing chores one morning, Miley noticed we had a small tomato plant growing by the barn. We left it there, and soon forgot about it as the busyness of the summer took over. Soon it … Continue reading

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We Harvested Our Popcorn!

This year we did a little experiment and tried growing some strawberry popcorn. From past experience with growing sweet corn, I really didn’t expect it to do that great. In fact, I really didn’t want to mess with it because … Continue reading

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August Garden Update… It’s a Jungle!

Well… as you can see, between the heavy rains and the business of summer my garden kinda got out of control.

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