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Hens Gone Broody

Throughout most of the summer we’ve had two and, at times, three broody hens all sharing the same nesting box. Let me tell ya, having to fight one broody hen when gathering eggs is quite a chore, let alone two … Continue reading

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Our Guinea Keets Are Growing

One night a while back, I went out to the barn to do chores as usual and there, perched on the fence… were our baby keets!

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Bringing Dying Tomatoes Back to Life

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Back From a Break

Well, as you can tell, I took a little break from here. It wasn’t an intentional break, it just kinda happened. Things got busy, life happened, and before I knew it days had passed by before I even had a … Continue reading

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Easy Minecraft Creeper Cake

Minecraft… it’s the thing that’s taken over my kids’ down time. It even zaps time away from chores, school, or other tasks… creeping in from all angles and bringing productivity to a screeching halt around our house. Let’s just say, … Continue reading

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Fun Time at the Fair

Well, the fair is over and done for another year. Right now we are all in this dazed; don’t know what to do with ourselves mode, which is pretty much the norm for us after the fair. We spend so … Continue reading

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