Daily Archives: July 19, 2015

Prepping for the Fair

Fair time is always a fun and exciting time for us. After spending the year working on their projects, the kids can finally show off all their hard work. This year is my oldest daughter’s last year and my youngest daughters first year, so it’s a happy yet kinda sad time mixed all into one. Speaking of happy yet sad all mixed together, my oldest recently found an apartment and is moving out. He’s got a great job, we’re so proud of him and he’s so ready to start a life of his own… but wow, I just don’t know if Mom and Dad are quite ready for this. I guess it’s one of those things we’re never quite ready for… it just happens and we somehow get through it. So he’s moving and we’re getting last minute projects… or more like the majority of the projects, since we tend to procrastinate, ready for the fair. So it’s a busy time right now… real busy. But busy is good because it keeps my mind occupied and makes it easier to ease into all these new changes. Time sure does fly. Speaking of time flying, Michael and I recently had our 25th anniversary. We haven’t had a chance to celebrate that yet, due to our busy schedules, but we’re hoping to at least sneak in a dinner together in all this craziness. Where does the time go?
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