Daily Archives: July 18, 2015

July Garden Update

It’s getting to be that time where the garden’s finally starting to produce a lot. We’re in that in between stage where we get too much to keep up with eating it, but yet not quite enough to make it worth getting the canner out. There are a few things we’ve gotten a lot of, like cucumbers for example, that I probably could have made made and canned some pickles with. Instead of canning, I’ve been fermenting them and making refrigerator pickles. Next week is the fair, and we’ve been busy getting ready for that, so I just haven’t had enough time to do it. I’m hoping after the fair there will still be plenty of cucumbers to can some pickles. If not, I’ll just plant a fall crop and hope to get more in a few months. The tomatoes are also really starting to ripen. There is a lot out there, so I’m just holding my breath that most of them won’t start turning until after the fair. I really wish there was a magical button I could push to pause the garden until after the fair.
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