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Prepping for the Fair

Fair time is always a fun and exciting time for us. After spending the year working on their projects, the kids can finally show off all their hard work. This year is my oldest daughter’s last year and my youngest daughters first year, so it’s a happy yet kinda sad time mixed all into one. Speaking of happy yet sad all mixed together, my oldest recently found an apartment and is moving out. He’s got a great job, we’re so proud of him and he’s so ready to start a life of his own… but wow, I just don’t know if Mom and Dad are quite ready for this. I guess it’s one of those things we’re never quite ready for… it just happens and we somehow get through it. So he’s moving and we’re getting last minute projects… or more like the majority of the projects, since we tend to procrastinate, ready for the fair. So it’s a busy time right now… real busy. But busy is good because it keeps my mind occupied and makes it easier to ease into all these new changes. Time sure does fly. Speaking of time flying, Michael and I recently had our 25th anniversary. We haven’t had a chance to celebrate that yet, due to our busy schedules, but we’re hoping to at least sneak in a dinner together in all this craziness. Where does the time go?
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July Garden Update

It’s getting to be that time where the garden’s finally starting to produce a lot. We’re in that in between stage where we get too much to keep up with eating it, but yet not quite enough to make it worth getting the canner out. There are a few things we’ve gotten a lot of, like cucumbers for example, that I probably could have made made and canned some pickles with. Instead of canning, I’ve been fermenting them and making refrigerator pickles. Next week is the fair, and we’ve been busy getting ready for that, so I just haven’t had enough time to do it. I’m hoping after the fair there will still be plenty of cucumbers to can some pickles. If not, I’ll just plant a fall crop and hope to get more in a few months. The tomatoes are also really starting to ripen. There is a lot out there, so I’m just holding my breath that most of them won’t start turning until after the fair. I really wish there was a magical button I could push to pause the garden until after the fair.
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Our Flock of Guineas is Growing

A long while back we found a nest of guinea eggs out by the stock tank where we keep the pigs. At the time we found it, there were maybe five or six eggs in it. Each day we’d go out there, the number of eggs would increase. Normally we gather them and eat them just like we do chicken eggs, but not knowing how long they’d been there, we left them. We planned to throw them away but never got around to it.

I don’t remember how long it was, but it seemed like a couple weeks later, a guinea hen went broody and started sitting on the nest. We weren’t really too sure the eggs would hatch because most of them had been lying in that open nest for what seemed like a long time. But we left her there anyway, just in case a few would.
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Getting Rid of Squash Bugs

Got Squash Bugs?  Just Vacuum 'Em!

Got Squash Bugs? Just Vacuum ‘Em!

Squash bugs have to be one of the most annoying garden pests of all times. And, next to spiders and tomato hornworms, they have to be the creepiest, most disgusting things ever! Last year squash bugs ruined the entire pumpkin patch and then they moved on to the zucchini and ruined that too. I tried a lot of things to get rid of them, starting with organic methods, from spraying neem oil, dish soap, and raw goat milk; to breaking out the insecticide sprays, like Seven. Nothing worked. Those things just. don’t. die. That’s what makes them so creepy.
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June Garden Update

Here it is July already and I’m just now getting around to doing an update on what all has been happening in my garden in June. Oh well, better late than never, right?

When I started out the year, I had two goals I wanted to work towards. My first goal was to have a neater garden. I’ve always dreamed of having one that’s more appealing to the eyes, you know… with neat little walk ways and flowers growing, bees buzzing and butterflies fluttering around. One that when you walk into it, gives you a calm, relaxed feeling…

But then I walk into my garden and reality hits…
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