New Strawberry Patch

When we first moved here, we burned down an old chicken coop that was falling down. There was a cement foundation under it and as soon as we cleared out all the debris we instantly decided it would make a perfect strawberry bed. Due to lack of time, resources and other projects taking priority over it, our strawberry patch ended up growing weeds and was used as a place to store tomato cages.

This year all that changed because our compost pile was finally ready to use so we were able to fill it up with compost and dirt without having to buy any.

And the best part… we totally hit the pallet jackpot and found some really nice looking pallets to build a fence with. If only we could have found pallets like those when we were building the garden fence!

Then we hit the strawberry jackpot at the local green house and were given a great deal on all the strawberries they had left. .

I planted them, made a small walk way, and added mulch…

Now our strawberry bed is finally complete and chicken proof… for now at least, until they discover they can hop on top of the fence and into the bed.

We assembled the fence by putting the pallets together with screws. We planned on putting t-posts in the corners to help hold them up but we didn’t have any at the time we built it. So far, it’s holding up really good so we may not put any t-posts in.

We’re so glad to finally have this project done and are looking forward to lots of strawberry shortcake in the future.

Now on to the next big project… finding a new place to store the tomato cages… one project always leads to another around here.


5 thoughts on “New Strawberry Patch

  1. June

    Looks fantastic, Shelly. Would the chickens eat the strawberries? My SIL is trying to grow strawberries in the garden where we let the chickens free range – does she need some sort of fence or netting to protect them?


    1. humblelittlehomestead Post author

      Thank you! Yes chickens will eat strawberries so she will probably have to do something to keep them out. Our chickens are very destructive and will dig up or trample anything we plant so we always build a fence before planting anything.

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  2. Karen Squires

    Every year I planted strawberries they got eaten the exact day they first turned red. It wasn’t my brood of pets so it must have been the critters in the field behind our house. I only plant non sweet things for now:)


    1. humblelittlehomestead Post author

      That’s so frustrating, isn’t it? I’m sure that will be what happens here too. I’ve never been able to successfully grow strawberries but my mom had a really nice patch once. So I’m counting on her to give me advise if I have problems.


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