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Raising Turkeys and Chickens Together

When we started out with our first flock of chicks, we really didn’t have any plans on adding any other type of fowl to our flock. But then one day, when we stopped into the feed store to get some … Continue reading

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Companion Planting

Over the years that I’ve had a garden, I haven’t ever been that interested in companion planting. I’ve always liked everything to have its own space in neat little rows, or semi-neat crooked rows in my case. Planting certain plants … Continue reading

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First Homegrown Hay!

Remember the alfalfa patch we planted last fall?  Well, week before last we had it swathed for the first time.

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Happy First Day of Summer!

Lately things have been a little busy around here… actually more like a lot busy. There have been lots of things happening and I have so much to write about but I’ve just been lacking the time to get it … Continue reading

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New Strawberry Patch

When we first moved here, we burned down an old chicken coop that was falling down. There was a cement foundation under it and as soon as we cleared out all the debris we instantly decided it would make a … Continue reading

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Cornish Cross vs Red Ranger Meat Birds

Before we started raising chickens, I never realized that there were different types of them. To me a chicken was a chicken, whether it laid eggs or was used for meat, I figured they were all the same. It wasn’t … Continue reading

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Butchering Day

Each year, when deciding how many meat birds we want to raise, we start out excited and look forward to raising a new flock… and each time we order, we get a little more ambitious and want to try a … Continue reading

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