First Harvest from the Garden

It’s always an exciting time when you get your first harvest from the garden. All the hard work and effort finally starts to pay off and you can finally start to enjoy all your efforts!

Well the other day we got our first harvest…

Doesn’t it look good? We got a nice variety of lettuce and herbs. There’s red and green romaine lettuce, mint, dill, basil, cilantro and sage. I’m sure you’re wondering what I cooked up with these awesome herbs and if they tasted as good as they look, right? Well, I didn’t cook anything with them and I don’t know how they tasted. Why? Well, because we didn’t get to eat them, the rabbit did.

Yep, the rabbit…

Yeah, he ended up getting the first harvest of the year. He’s one very spoiled, rotten bunny for sure!  But I can’t help but mind too much that he was first to enjoy all the goodies, I mean, just look at that face… the cuteness just makes you want to say, “Yes, sure, go right ahead and enjoy it!”

Who could say no to that little face?

He may have got the first goodies, but a few days later we harvested more…

There’s red leaf romaine and sierra head lettuce, a variety of different leaf lettuces, spinach and onions. I chopped it all up, added in a few other veggies to make a large salad to go along with supper. I had plans to have left over salad the next day for lunch but there wasn’t any left.

Nope, none at all.

But I didn’t mind at all because the kids came back wanting seconds on salad. And, of course I said, “Yes, sure, go right ahead and enjoy it!”

Who could say no to kids wanting more salad?

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