Rainy Day in the Garden

Last Saturday we had all these big plans to get a lot of stuff done outside… but then it rained, and you know what happens sometimes when it rains… it pours. And poured, it did… literally. While the rain was nice and much needed, it wasn’t so nice when it came to getting stuff done outside. So instead my husband and I went to town and ran a few errands. On our way home we decided to stop by the local green house, Mulberry Lane, which is only several miles from where we live. If you’re local, I highly recommend stopping by there, they have a great selection and are so helpful! They were running a special on their cooler weather plants, and since the lettuce is growing so well in my garden, I decided to get more. Well, we can’t ever stop in there for just one thing, so we ended up leaving with a lot more than just lettuce….

I grabbed some kale and broccoli because they were also on special, then I picked out a couple cantaloupe plants and got some cilantro (not pictured). Michael wanted to get a rhubarb plant and we decided to try an eggplant. We’ve never had eggplant before, so we’re interested in seeing what it’s like.

It was pouring so badly by the time we got home that we just left everything inside the pickup and hurried into the house. Once it let up, I came up with an idea. The beets all came up close together and it’s really been bothering me…

I’ve wanted to thin them out but yet I hated the idea of pulling up half of them and throwing them out. So since the garden was nice and muddy I decided I’d try to transplant the ones I pulled out. It was still raining a little but I decided to go out and do it anyway. Michael joined me and did some weeding. Other than being wet and muddy, we actually enjoyed gardening in the rain. I managed to thin out the beets and get them poked into the mud. I think it looks a lot better, but whether or not they survive being transplanted, we’ll soon find out.

Since I was already out there and muddy, I decided to go ahead and get the plants we bought planted. Michael continued to weed while I started planting. We had to take a break once when the lightening seemed like it was a little too close and it started raining a little harder. Gardening in the rain is fun but when it comes to lightening or heavier rain, we’re not that adventurous. 😕

Since the garden is starting to fill up, it was a little tricky finding a spot to plant everything. I had to do a little research on companion planting to make sure that I didn’t plant two things that aren’t compatible too close together. Check back soon to find out where and why I planted everything where I did, and to learn more about why I think companion planting is beneficial.

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