Our Turkeys Arrived!

This year, for some reason, turkeys have been hard to find. None of the feed stores in our town are carrying them, and stores in surrounding towns don’t have them either. We considered not getting any this year since the chicks we got a couple months ago are almost grown up and the thought of having to start over with a brooder and heat lamp in the house, when it’s warm outside isn’t very appealing. But after thinking about it, we decided that we might regret not getting any. Turkeys are the first animal we grew and butchered on our own. It’s been a tradition every year since we’ve been here to raise two turkeys for the holidays. While it’s not really necessary we do it, it’s something we enjoy. Summer just wouldn’t be the same around here without hearing the sounds of turkey chatter and gobbles while watching the turkeys graze and chase bugs as we sit outside in the evenings.

So we decided to order some from our favorite hatchery. I do have so say we’ve been really impressed with the ones we got this year. They came out of that shipping box lively, full of spunk, and with plenty of chirpiness. Loud chirpiness too. These are the liveliest little turkeys we’ve ever had, so we just may start a new tradition of ordering them every year. The only problem with ordering them is we had to get a minimum order of five to meet shipping requirements, so we have 3 more than we really need. So if any of my local readers needs a turkey or three, or knows of someone who does, we have some available.

Unsure of the camera, they’re keeping a safe distance…

Then they cautiously start to move closer….

Curiosity gets the best of them and they just have to check out that camera up close….

Cautious, but yet always curious, they are so fun to watch. I’m so glad we decided to get them because I can’t imagine sitting under the shade tree, with a glass of tea, on a warm summer evening without them.

4 thoughts on “Our Turkeys Arrived!

  1. June

    How cute! I’d love to keep turkeys as they’re not traditional here so quite hard to find for Christmas. Are they much work, or kinda like chickens?


    1. humblelittlehomestead Post author

      I think they’re pretty easy to raise, about like chickens. I have read that you shouldn’t raise turkeys and chickens together because turkeys can get a disease called blackhead, which is a parasite that’s sometimes carried by chickens. Turkeys can die from it. The first year we got turkeys we kept them in a pen separately and didn’t let them free range. They turned out to be some very expensive turkeys because they ate a ton of food. They also grew too big too fast and weren’t that healthy because they were too big to move around very well. So every year since we free range them with the chickens, they even bunk in the same coop, and we haven’t had any problems. They’re really easy to free range.

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  2. tntdreaming

    I’ve been reluctant to raise turkeys because of our chickens….good to know that you have had no problems doing that. Free range turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas does sound amazing!! Good luck with this group…they are cute!


    1. humblelittlehomestead Post author

      Thank you! No problems so far anyway. I think as long as they all have a lot of space to free range they will do fine. Either that or we’ve just been lucky. 🙂



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