Indoor Garden Update

Remember our indoor garden we planted a while back?

I meant to do an update on it a while back but never got around to it. Now that I have our outdoor garden in and growing, I’m getting just a little burnt out with the indoor one and am ready take it out. I think if we do this again, it would be better to plant it earlier than we did, that way it’s producing during the winter instead of this time of the year.

We harvested the lettuce a while back. We got enough off of it to make a small salad for each of us for one meal…

Plus enough, with another kind of lettuce added, to make another large bowl of salad. It was delicious and we were impressed with how much we got from it considering the small amount we planted.

The tomato plants are growing and have actually grown taller than the grow light…

I want to move them out on the deck but will probably wait until after the tomatoes on it have ripened.

That way if they go into shock and die from being moved outside, at least we’ll get a few tomatoes. Otherwise, if we don’t, Miley will be pretty unhappy.

The mini cucumbers I planted went crazy growing, blooming and had even started growing some small cucumbers. Then they got some sort of disease and started dying so I took them out. It was really disappointing because they were doing so well and I was looking forward to finally being able to successfully grown them indoors. Oh well, guess I will have to try again sometime.

Last, we have some flowers Miley started and some sweet potato vines waiting to be planted into the garden soon.

That pretty much sums up what’s happening in our little garden so far. Now we’re just waiting for those tomatoes to hurry up and ripen!


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