Our Baby Bunnies Grew Up

Remember those cute little bunnies that tumbled out of the compost pile a few short weeks ago?

Well, they grew up fast!

We decided they were big enough to be released. In fact, we probably held onto them a little longer than we should have, but we just couldn’t help it. All that bunny cuteness made it hard to let go. Once they started eating all the grass, dandelion leaves and weeds we could give them and we couldn’t keep enough picked to keep up with them, we felt they were big enough to take care of themselves. So we took them way out in the pasture where they have plenty of things to eat and places to hide. We held them one last time…

and then we set them free, the first two…

and then the last one…

Mr. Hyper, the one that never sat still, hopped off right away. He was so ready to be out of that cage and be free! The other two stuck around a little while, nibbling the grass and getting used to their surroundings. They hopped off together in the same direction. Soon one went one way, one went another.

We were sad to see them go but it was fun to watch each choose a path to a new life of their own.


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