All Work, No Play, No Fun!

Last weekend sure made up for the weekend before last that was full of fun and play. Yeah, last weekend was full of work, more work, and well… lots of work. It was all worth it in the end though because we really did get a lot accomplished.

Saturday we spent the entire day bringing in compost and dirt to build up the beds. What started out being a small project of just adding a little compost over all the beds, turned into an unexpectedly larger project. Of course Michael was giving me a hard time about coming up with such a large project and making him work so hard, but…

I was the one running the shovel and rake smoothing the dirt while he was running the tractor, so I think he got the better end of the deal on that. Wouldn’t you agree? 😉

On Sunday afternoon, we took a couple hours to get the yearly goat maintenance done before finishing up the garden. Brooke and I disbudded the kids.

Having to disbud kids is our least favorite part of goat maintenance. 😦 It’s always awful while you’re doing it, but it’s a whole lot better to get rid of their horns while they’re little than it is for them to get caught in fencing or possibly injure each other with them.

Once we got that done, Michael helped us trim hooves and vaccinate them. We also wethered one buckling and decided to leave the other intact, that way we can use him for breeding later. I forgot to get the wormer, so we’ll worm them in a few weeks when we give the kids their booster vaccines. It sure is nice to have most of the goat maintenance done for another year.

All work, no rest sure makes a weekend full of no fun… but at least we got a lot done!


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