Lost a Special Friend

When you live on a farm and have lots of animals, occasionally experiencing the loss of one is inevitable. No matter what, the loss is always tough. It’s especially tough with you lose an extra special one, one that’s been around through the thick and thin, and all the ups and downs of life over the last several years. We lost Miley’s cat, Dusty. He was a good one.

He was the seek in the game of hide and seek. She would let him in and have me distract him while she’d hide. She’d holler for him, then he’d run up and down the hallway, going from room to room meowing the whole time until he found her.

He was the happy when she was mad, the cheer when she was sad. One time she got in trouble and had to have a time out in her room. She was lying on her bed and very mad. He came in the room, hopped up on her back, and started kneading and purring. No matter how hard she tried to stay mad, she couldn’t, and it didn’t take long before he had her giggling.

He was the volunteer when they played dress up. Always patient and laid back, he was a happy participant. Even if it meant he had to wear pink dresses.

He was the silliness in the fun. Whenever she would be outside playing and running around, he’d run behind her tapping her legs with his paws. When she’d stop and crouch down, he’d rear up on his hind legs and give her the biggest lovie he could, almost knocking her over.

He was the frustration and the giggles that helped to teach her patience. Sometimes when she’d be planting zinnias or making mud pies, he’d be right in the middle of it. Whether he was spilling the mud, stepping on and breaking her flowers, or constantly putting his tail in her face, she’d get a little annoyed with him. One time he was really pestering her so much when she was trying to plant flowers that she was almost to the point of being really annoyed. Then all of a sudden, she started giggling. She picked him up, gave him lots of hugs and plenty of love. When she put him down he went over to lie down and left her alone. She said, “Mom, you know, I think Dusty just really needed some love and attention because now he’s not bothering me anymore.” After that, she was always sure to stop what she was doing and give him the attention he needed.

He was the feel better to the sick. When she was sick he’d always lie beside her and purr, not leaving her side until she felt better.

Best of all, he was the buddy who was always there. No matter where he was at or what he was doing, as soon as he heard the sound of her voice, he would come running to be by her side.

She wanted to bury him in a special spot where she could plant zinnias and other pretty flowers around him once the weather warmed up. We chose perfect a spot right by the shed, not too far from our front door, so she could go visit him any time she needs to. We all gathered around as we laid him to rest.

She picked out some white and yellow flowers; they were the ones that matched his color the closest. Then she added three suckers, orange and yellow to match him and a blue one, which is her favorite color. Next she gathered his favorite cat treat, a feather, stuffed mouse, and a bouquet of dandelions along with other flowers she picked… all the special things he liked… to keep the memory of him alive in our hearts…

Lastly, she painted and hung a few pictures to remember the fun times they had together…

RIP little buddy…

you’re truly missed.

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6 thoughts on “Lost a Special Friend

  1. Karen Squires

    I’m so sorry Miley:( It sure hurts to loose such a good friend. I’ve lost Best Furry Friends too. It made me very sad.

    Kiyah says she is sorry you lost your kitty. She has lost hamsters and she was very sad too.

    Keaton says he feels bad you are sad and he hopes you smile again soon.

    Big hugs to you Miley. We are thinking of you.

    Karen, Keaton, and Kiyah


    1. humblelittlehomestead Post author

      Miley says thank you and she appreciates your thoughts, they brought a smile to her face.



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