The First Kids Have Arrived!

Well, Saturday night I thought for sure we’d wake up Sunday morning with some new kids in the barn. I got up early Sunday morning and saw there were no kids yet, so I let Sugar back out with the other goats. The rest of Sunday and all day Monday we checked… and we fretted… and we wondered… and we checked… and we paced… and we checked…. then we checked… and we…. well, you get the point. There were still no babies yet.

Tuesday morning rolled around and the kids still hadn’t arrived. I had a dentist appointment out of town that day and debated if I should go or not. My appointment had already been canceled and rescheduled once, so I really didn’t want to reschedule again if I didn’t have to. Since Sugar wasn’t showing any new signs of being close to deliver, I decided it would be safe to go. We got ready, checked her once more, and headed out. We made the trip up and back as quickly as possible. As soon as we got home, the kids jumped out of the car and ran to the barn to check Sugar. Before I could round up my stuff and get out of the car I heard them screaming “Mmmmooommmm! Sugar had her babies!!!!!” I ran up to the house to drop off my stuff and change my shoes, then went out to see…

Oh, so cute!

The kids were both up and running around and dried off. Sugar must have had them shortly after we left for my appointment. After checking them over, we rounded them up, put them in a stall in the barn, and tucked them in the straw for the night.

The next morning Miley and I went out to check on them, do chores and get some more pictures since it was too dark to get many good ones the evening before.

As we walked to the barn, Sweet Pea spotted Miley and ran up to the fence to see her…

Next we went into the barn to see how the babies were doing…

One was sleeping and the other was running around checking everything out…

There is one of each, the black one is a buck and the brown is a doe.

The kids are already very spoiled!


Mamma loves her babies!

“Oh, I’m so sleepy!”

One little girl and one baby goat makes two happy kids!


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4 thoughts on “The First Kids Have Arrived!

  1. Karen Squires

    So much fun! What great experiences your children are having living on a farm! I love the photograph of Miley and the baby goat. It’s so adorable!



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