Daily Archives: February 17, 2015

Lazy Times Will Soon Turn Busy

Winter, it’s that slow time of the year around here. Especially this winter, it feels like it’s gone on forever. Since we downsized the number of animals a lot before this winter arrived, it’s gone especially slow. In a way it’s been nice to have a break, but I do have to admit I’ve gotten a little lazy‚Ķ well more like a lot lazy. We started a new routine where Dylan opens the coop and lets the chickens out every morning before work. That way I can wait until later in the morning to go out to feed them their soaked grain and give them water. The hydrant is sometimes frozen shut early in the morning so it’s easier to water them later in the morning. Since I don’t have to go out early anymore, I’ve been taking advantage of that and sleeping in. Yeah, I’ve gotten pretty lazy but let me tell you, it’s been pretty nice.
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