Found an Egg How?

Oh, those chickens, they just love to hide their eggs. It feels like we’re always celebrating Easter because each evening when we gather eggs we always have to go on a big egg hunt. Lately one of the hens’ favorite spots to hide their eggs has been in the large bale of hay we use to feed the goats. Since the bale is in the other side of the barn opposite where the chickens live, I always wait until morning to gather the eggs from there. When its dark out and the howling coyotes sound like they’re in the field right next to us, the last thing I want to do is take time and go over to the dark, creepy side of the barn and dig through the hay with a flashlight looking for eggs. It’s creepy for sure!

This morning, when I went out to give the goats some hay, the first thing I did was search for eggs as usual. Surprisingly I didn’t find any. So I grabbed up the pitchfork and started scooping up hay and putting it in the feeder. On the last scoop, I got a big pile and as I threw it in the feeder I discovered there was an egg in the hay after all…

Yep, I found it with the pitchfork.

I do have to say that’s been one of the more interesting ways to find an egg yet.


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