Our Indoor Garden

Being able to grow vegetables year round is a fun project to do, especially during those dreary, drab, cold winter months. There’s just something about watching plant sprouts appear through the dirt, grow, and bloom that helps get us through the worst part of the winter until we can start growing things in the garden again. From growing plants on a window sill to building a walipini, there are a lot of options when it comes to growing vegetables year round. The most interesting to me is using a walipini… oh, how I’d love to have a walipini!  A walipini is an earth sheltered green house. It’s built into the ground, and then covered with a plastic sheet roof to allow the sun in. They are more efficient to use than a regular green house because the earth absorbs the heat from the sun, which keeps it warm through the night. I’ve read they also maintain an even temperature through the summer months, so they can be used to grow year round. Imagine a garden where you don’t have to worry about weeding or bugs during the summer and can continue growing through the winter too… that would be amazing! Building one just might have to be a future project but we need to do a lot more research on it first.

Our first experience with growing vegetables indoors started a couple years ago. Miley had a science lesson where she had to sprout a bean in a damp paper towel. I can’t remember the exact reason behind the lesson, but she just didn’t find the lesson right at all. After helping me in the garden through the previous summer, it bothered her that we were sprouting the bean in the paper towel when “the bean needs to grow in dirt.” Eventually I had to hunt up a container and put some dirt in it so she could plant the bean in it. Unfortunately her bean didn’t make it so she asked me if I had any more seeds to plant. The only thing I had were a couple grow kits that I’d gotten on clearance several years earlier. The kits had miniature pepper and tomato seeds, which were expired, but we decided to give it a shot anyway. Miley planted them and I think every seed came up. The plants grew so well that we eventually transplanted them into pots and had to figure out a good spot to grow them. We got a grow light and set up a spot in my closet. It really wasn’t the smartest place to put it because it was really hard to get to my clothes, but at the time I really wasn’t expecting our little plants to last as long as they did.

I lined some cardboard with aluminum foil to help reflect the light so it would hit the plants at different angles.

Pictured above are the miniature tomato and pepper plants. We also found some lettuce and cucumber seeds so we also tried those but they didn’t grow so well. The tomato and pepper plants did great! Miley thought it was so fun to pollinate the blooms with a toothbrush. Eventually she was picking small handfuls of tomatoes, which most of the time, were eaten as soon as they were picked. Of course, she shared with all of us and always saved a couple “matoes for grandma” too.

Our little indoor garden was pretty successful!

So this year, when Miley asked if we could do another indoor garden, I said, “Sure, why not!” This time, I had to search online for some miniature plant seeds since I didn’t have any on hand. After doing a little research we chose Minibel Tomatoes, Miniature Yellow Bell Peppers, Tom Thumb Lettuce, and Miniature White Cucumbers.

Next we set up the grow light and put cardboard covered with aluminum foil around it…

I got a plastic tote, drilled some holes in it, filled it with dirt, and put the lid under it to catch excess water. We planted the lettuce, which is growing very slowly, but looking good…

We’re just now getting around to planting all the other seeds…

 We wanted to get them planted sooner but life kept getting in the way and it didn’t happen. If all goes well we should still have vegetables well before the outside garden is producing. We’ll post updates on how our little garden is doing, so be sure to check back!

Hopefully it will be as successful as our last one and if it’s not, it will still be worth our time because…

when the winds blowing and it’s too cold to go outside,

the laundry is sorted into piles waiting to be washed…

there amongst the piles of dirty laundry our little garden sits…

bringing us happiness and a taste of spring and summer to come.

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4 thoughts on “Our Indoor Garden

  1. tmpresser

    This looks fantastic and what a great idea for a project for your daughter. Thanks for sharing at Good Morning Mondays I always enjoy seeing how people do things differently. Blessings


  2. Karen Squires

    I love the idea of a walipini as well! I love heading out the back door to get some dinner. Being able to do that all year round….wonderful!



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