Daily Archives: February 2, 2015

Our Indoor Garden

Being able to grow vegetables year round is a fun project to do, especially during those dreary, drab, cold winter months. There’s just something about watching plant sprouts appear through the dirt, grow, and bloom that helps get us through the worst part of the winter until we can start growing things in the garden again. From growing plants on a window sill to building a walipini, there are a lot of options when it comes to growing vegetables year round. The most interesting to me is using a walipini… oh, how I’d love to have a walipini!  A walipini is an earth sheltered green house. It’s built into the ground, and then covered with a plastic sheet roof to allow the sun in. They are more efficient to use than a regular green house because the earth absorbs the heat from the sun, which keeps it warm through the night. I’ve read they also maintain an even temperature through the summer months, so they can be used to grow year round. Imagine a garden where you don’t have to worry about weeding or bugs during the summer and can continue growing through the winter too… that would be amazing! Building one just might have to be a future project but we need to do a lot more research on it first.
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