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What’s That in the Vinegar?

The other night after I tucked Miley in bed and the older kids headed to bed, I decided I needed a little drink before I went to bed. As I was trying to decide what to drink, I saw the … Continue reading

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Fermented Sauerkraut

Well, you remember that big jar of fermented pickles I made before New Year’s? The one that I was thinking would last us at least through the end of January? Well, it barely lasted 2 weeks before it was gone. … Continue reading

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Feeding Animals and Keeping Costs Down

No matter how much you plan, or how frugal you try to be, most of the time it takes experience and trying things before you can actually learn what will or won’t work when it comes to keeping animal feeding … Continue reading

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Family and Bananas… A Great Start to the New Year

Family and bananas… I’m sure you’re probably wondering what those two things, or at least the bananas part of it, have to do with starting out the New Year. Well, the month of December was a pretty crazy one. Fun, … Continue reading

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