Twas the Day Before Christmas at our Homestead

Twas the day before Christmas at our little homestead

all the creatures were stirring, including plenty of mice.

The stockings were crafted for each of the pets,

and hung on the wall with extra special care,

in anticipation that St. Nicholas would soon be here.

As I walked to the barn the goats lined up in a row;

with visions of alfalfa pellets and oats dancing in their heads.

I opened the coop and out raced the chickens;

each hurrying to claim the best nest in the bales;

and settle in for a long day of sitting.

When over on a bale there arose such a clatter

Nevel sprang from his roost to see what was the matter.

Over to the bale he flew like a flash,

to break up the two hens that were starting to clash.

The hen on the nest did not want to share;

she squawked and she pecked,

but Nevel screeched and gave her a glare.

This caused bickering and fighting;

and I knew in a moment a big ruckus was about to flare.

To the feed room I walked, leaving them to settle with no worry,

as I opened the door I saw several mice scurry.

Needing the barn cats to help get them out,

I screamed and I shouted and I called them by name:

“Now, Mittens! Now, Dusty!

Now, Everest and Eddie!

On, Sunny, On, Smoke

On, Itty Bitty and Sam!”

Around the feed cans! To the top of the wall!

The mice were chased by those cats, making them dash away all!

With the feed room all clear and safe to enter,

I grabbed a bucket to mix feed for the goats.

Hearing me scoop the alfalfa pellets and oats,

they knew in a moment their breakfast would soon be ready.

And then, in a hurry, they all lined up by the gate;

the splashing and pawing of each hoof in the mud;

lead me to know they were impatient and not wanting to wait.

As I opened the gate and was turning around,

over to me Sweet Pea came with a bound.

Up on me she jumped, her front hooves on my coat;

trying to get her head in the bucket to eat the oats.

Pushing her away, I made her get back;

my coat was all tarnished with mud and poop.

Over to the feed pans the goats they all dashed,

pushing and shoving, each wanting to lead the pack.

Dividing the feed between each pan,

Quickly I headed toward the gate to get out of their way;

and walked around back to give them plenty of hay.

Chores were done, at least for the morning,

I walked back to the house pondering

all the things still yet to be done.

My thoughts were interrupted by an aroma of something good;

Soon I discovered it was someone cooking food.

As I entered the house, there was plenty of chaos;

The kids were all chattering and in a cheerful mood.

Hubby, he was fixing the perfect pre-Christmas brunch;

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work;

and filled our plates with eggs and bacon fresh from our farm.

Once our wonderful brunch was done

we cleaned up the house and washed up our plates.

With the gifts all wrapped and stacked under the tree,

our guests started arriving at a quarter to three.

Feeling happy and lucky to be able to share

and celebrate the love with the ones that are so dear.

I truly appreciate you reading

as I share a small glimpse into our life’s adventure.

To those of you far and near,

we hope you have a season full of sharing, love and cheer.

Merry Christmas to all

from each of us at the Humble Little Homestead.

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