First Snow of the Season

Whenever I hear there is snow in the forecast, I always cringe. It’s not that I particularly dislike snow; it’s more the inconvenience of it that I dislike. Chores always take longer and it’s more difficult to take care of the animals. Michael drives a truck, so I worry about him having to drive if the roads are bad. Plus, if we have a measurable amount, it almost always slows work down for him. Then, once the snow melts, there are the muddy roads to deal with. Snow just isn’t that much fun. The kids on the other hand, especially Miley, love snow. In fact, Miley’s been wishing for snow for a while now.

The other day when I was getting ready to do chores, Miley woke up and was so happy to see we had our first snow of the season. She decided that she wanted to go with me to do chores, so she dressed and got bundled up. I really think the only reason she wanted to come with me was to bombard me with snowballs. As we walked to the barn, I think I got hit by at least 10 snowballs. Of course I tried to get her back, but I mostly missed, which she thought was hilarious.

Miley discovered that the snow packed really well, so she told me she wanted to make a big snowball. I told her she could try but there might not be enough snow to make a very big one. She started while I went to do all the chores. Once I was done, I was surprised to see she really did make a BIG snowball. She was mighty proud of it too. She decided she wanted to take it up to the house, but it was too heavy for either of us to lift. So, we had to roll it. She started out and once it got too heavy for her, she asked me to help. Let’s just say it wasn’t an easy task and boy, I did have one big back ache by the time I made it to the house… but the smile on Miley’s face made it worth it.

Our trail from the barn

Of course, Miley decided a big snowball like that was the beginning of a perfect snowman. So again, she went to work rolling more snowballs. Brooke joined her and helped assemble it…

You know, snow might not be that bad after all…. especially if it’s like this. Not a lot but yet just right to build a snowman just Miley’s size. Next time snow’s in the forecast, instead of cringing, I’ll smile and look forward to some fun.

2 thoughts on “First Snow of the Season

    1. Shelly Post author

      Ha ha! He does look like a vanilla chocolate chip snowman. He’s full of leaves, sticks and poop. Miley ran over some chicken poop while rolling the snowball and got all grossed out. lol So it looks like chocolate chips, but probably won’t taste like it. lol



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