Daily Archives: November 23, 2014

Guest Post… My Cat Dusty

A couple months ago, Miley came to me and said, “Hey Mom, I have an idea that you can make a blog post about.”

“What’s that,” I asked.

“I think you need to write about Dusty. He’s a really nice cat and I think everyone would think he’s so cute.”

I said, “Yes, that’s a really good idea, I’ll keep that in mind.”

Several weeks passed and Miley brought up her idea again. I told her I wrote it down on my list but just hadn’t gotten to it yet. The other day, she again asked, “Mom, when are you going to make a post about Dusty?”

Then I had an idea. I asked her, “Instead of me writing a post about Dusty, how about you write about him? Since you’re his favorite person and he’s your favorite cat, you would know more things to write about him than I would.”

She thought that was a great idea and got started right away…
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