Ready for Winter… or not!

Well, I think winter had officially arrived. The wind is howling and it’s cold out… actually very cold out. We knew this yucky weather was coming so we spent the weekend getting some things done that needed to get done. Luckily we had beautiful, perfect weather over the weekend to do all those things.

On Saturday, we butchered the eleven meat birds. We have six standard breed roosters that we were planning to also butcher but have now decided to sell them. A while back we butchered a standard breed and it just didn’t turn out so well as you can see…

Well, first of all I know I needed a bigger crock pot. My big one got broken, but that’s a whole other story. Instead I ended up roasting it in the oven. It was awful. As you can see, it was totally stiff. I guess we didn’t let it set in cool water long enough before freezing it or something. We did everything the same with it that we did with the ten meat birds and they all turned out great. This one was literally just like a rubber chicken… yuck!

Processing a bunch of chickens is always a lot of work but each time we do it, it goes a little smoother. Michael and Brooke did most of the processing as usual, while I helped pluck.

Brooke finishing up the last one.

We put them in tubs of ice water to set a few days before packaging them up for the freezer. Today I packaged them up; most I left whole but cut a few up. Now we have a nice supply of chicken for the winter. Can’t wait to cook some chicken noodle soup!

Sunday was spent prepping for the nasty cold weather we’re getting. We cleaned all the coops and scrubbed waterers and food dishes. We also moved a few chickens around to various coops to make caring for them in the cold a lot easier.

Adding old bedding to the compost pile.

We cleaned up the goat area and added extra bedding so the goats will stay as warm as possible.

Of course, the day was so beautiful that we took some time to play and enjoy it. Part of Miley’s routine in the summer was to walk Sweet Pea to the end of the drive and race her to the barn. She decided they needed to have one last race of the season…

Miley took the lead early but Sweet Pea came from behind in the end to win. Looks like Sweet Pea is the champion for this year anyway.

Well…I guess ready or not, winter is here. Are we ready? Well, after the weekend I’d have to say, prepared… yes. But ready… no.

Are you ready for winter?

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