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Guest Post… My Cat Dusty

A couple months ago, Miley came to me and said, “Hey Mom, I have an idea that you can make a blog post about.”

“What’s that,” I asked.

“I think you need to write about Dusty. He’s a really nice cat and I think everyone would think he’s so cute.”

I said, “Yes, that’s a really good idea, I’ll keep that in mind.”

Several weeks passed and Miley brought up her idea again. I told her I wrote it down on my list but just hadn’t gotten to it yet. The other day, she again asked, “Mom, when are you going to make a post about Dusty?”

Then I had an idea. I asked her, “Instead of me writing a post about Dusty, how about you write about him? Since you’re his favorite person and he’s your favorite cat, you would know more things to write about him than I would.”

She thought that was a great idea and got started right away…
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Preparing for Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I decided I better start planning our menu. Since Thanksgiving is our first big meal after spending the summer harvesting crops, canning and tending to our animals, I think it’s always fun to see how many homegrown things we can use for our meal. Today I rounded up what we have, that way I can make a list and get the things we still need…

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Bowl of Chili to Celebrate

The fifteenth of November has become a special day at our house. It’s a day we cook chili, gather around the table and remind ourselves how truly thankful and blessed we are. We reflect how far we’ve come in just the few years we’ve been here, and reminisce about the giddiness and excitement we felt on the day of November 15th, 2011 as we retell the story. The story never gets old, the excitement never dies and the chili always tastes extra good, just as it did on that night.

So, what exactly is so special about that day you ask? It’s the day we moved. But it wasn’t just any ordinary move; it was a very special move ….
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Turkeys, Pumpkins, and Apple Butter

Last weekend we had all sorts of stuff going on. We planned to process chickens and turkeys but it was so cold and windy. When the wind is blowing it’s hard to keep the fire going under the pot of water that we use to scald the chickens, so we decided to wait one more week to process chickens. Since we skin the turkeys, we decided to go ahead and process them.

Michael and Brooke did the processing…

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Storing Green Tomatoes for the Winter

With our first hard frost of fall come and gone, the growing season has come to an end. A couple days before the frost happened, we decided to go to the garden and pick all the ripe and decent sized unripe tomatoes. My mom and kids helped pick and we ended up with several baskets full of red and green tomatoes. I’ve never tried saving green tomatoes before, but my mom has, so she gave me some tips on how to do it. I also looked online and found a lot of different ways to do it, from wrapping each tomato in newspaper and storing in a cool room, to pulling the whole tomato plants and having them upside down in a cool cellar or basement.
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