How to Catch a Chicken

Catching chickens can be pretty tricky. They’re quick, and once they get the sense you’re after them, they make sure to keep their distance and run even quicker. But, with a special tool and some quickness they can be caught. Miley thought it would be a good topic to post about, so she volunteered to demonstrate the best technique on how to catch one.

First you start out with a chicken hook, like the one Miley is holding in the picture below…

Note: Please excuse the randomness of her outfit. We have a rule that we have to wear old clothes to do chores in. The outfits usually aren’t this random except on days when laundry day is past due and she’s scraping the bottom of the everyday drawer… yeah, this was one of those days.

In the video below, she started out trying to catch her favorite rooster. It all was going good until he ducked under the truck. She managed to catch him on the other side but the camera man missed all the action….

After that, she decided it might be easier to demonstrate on a tamer chicken. The hen in the video below is one that’s been caught many times so she knows the drill. Miley realized she forgot to tell the steps as she was demonstrating, so she told me and I added them in the video…

And that….

is how you catch a chicken.

2 thoughts on “How to Catch a Chicken

    1. Shelly Post author

      Ha! I enjoy her fashion too… according to her it didn’t match. lol I was kinda behind on the laundry so she didn’t have matching stuff and I heard about it. 🙂



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