Easy Way to Freeze Apple Pie Filling


Pies…oh how I love to eat them, but when it comes to making them, you can count me out. I’m just not a good pie maker at all; my pies usually don’t turn out very pretty. Plus, pie making is just way too time consuming. By the time I peel and chop up the fruit, mix up the dough, roll it out, try to lift it up to put it in the pan, rip it, roll it out again, rip it again, piece it together in the bottom of the pan, roll out the next half, rip it, roll it out, rip it, and finally piece that one together, I’m just so over the pie that I don’t even want to eat it.

So… when I asked my family what they most wanted made from the apples and they all unanimously yelled “PIE!!!”… I was thinking, “wonderful, just wonderful.”

Since I’ve never preserved apple pie filling before, I had to do some research on how to do it. At first I considered canning it, but then decided that freezing it would be quite a bit quicker. I did a bit more research and came up with a quick and simple way to freeze pie filling that will cut out a few steps when making the pie, plus should prevent the filling from getting freezer burn.

First, mix up your favorite fie filling mixture…

Next, peel, slice and core the amount of apples that your recipe calls for….

Add the filling mixture and stir so all apples are coated…

Put them in a pie pan. Since I don’t have many pie pans, I used disposable aluminum pans…

Next slip it into a gallon sized Food Saver bag, which will hold up to a 9 inch pie pan. Then seal it…

Now it’s ready for the freezer…

This is so easy to do, and best of all, it will make the whole pie making process go a little quicker… which means a greater possibility of having fresh apple pie more often. Once the kids realized that, they all pitched in, an assembly line was formed and soon pan after pan of pie filling was sealed and put in the freezer.

So just how many pans full of pie filling can kids who have been deprived of freshly baked pies make?

Twenty one, and they stopped at that only because they used up all the pie pans I had. Now I have plenty of pie filling to practice making pies with. Since practice makes perfect, I just may learn to make pretty pies yet. If not, I will just turn all that pie filling into apple cobbler instead.

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