Raw Milk Update; It Did This Tomato Vine Good

Remember my post I wrote about spraying raw milk on the garden to fertilize, plus control disease and insects? Well, I just thought I’d share an update on that. I quit spraying my garden about a month ago, but the effects it’s had have lasted…

During the summer this plant looked like it was going to die. I sprayed it, along with the rest of the garden with a mixture of milk at water mixed 50/50. I then also watered it with the mixture each time I sprayed. It grew several new healthy branches and went on to produce a lot of tomatoes compared to the size of the new branches. I thought it was pretty impressive considering the tomato didn’t even grow taller than the tomato cage nor was it ever healthy enough to produce many other tomatoes.

Did the raw milk do this tomato good? I’d have to say it did.

This was shared on Home and Garden Thursday., and Garden Tuesday

6 thoughts on “Raw Milk Update; It Did This Tomato Vine Good

    1. Shelly Post author

      Yes they do. It is amazing and I’m looking forward to using it more next year to see if I get the same results.



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