Daily Archives: October 15, 2014

Raw Milk Update; It Did This Tomato Vine Good

Remember my post I wrote about spraying raw milk on the garden to fertilize, plus control disease and insects? Well, I just thought I’d share an update on that. I quit spraying my garden about a month ago, but the effects it’s had have lasted…
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Harsh Winter? What’s Woolly Bear Say?

A while back, we had a big invasion of caterpillars; covering bushes, weaving through the grass, tumbling across the road in the wind, they were everywhere. As I walked through the yard trying not to step on any, I happened to look down. There, among the tan colored waves of fuzz was a woolly bear caterpillar. A different color and larger than the others, it was black with a reddish brown band in the center. Being something different and out of the ordinary around here, and knowing the kids hadn’t seen one before, I got them to come take a look. Brooke collects and pins insects and Miley loves butterflies so they always like finding new insects/caterpillars and researching them. They picked it up, headed in and the research began…
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