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How to Catch a Chicken

Catching chickens can be pretty tricky. They’re quick, and once they get the sense you’re after them, they make sure to keep their distance and run even quicker. But, with a special tool and some quickness they can be caught. … Continue reading

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Easy Way to Freeze Apple Pie Filling

Pies…oh how I love to eat them, but when it comes to making them, you can count me out. I’m just not a good pie maker at all; my pies usually don’t turn out very pretty. Plus, pie making is … Continue reading

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Apple Picking Time

Last weekend we planned on getting some chickens and the turkeys processed. After running to town to get ice and a couple of big tubs to put them in, we determined it was too hot and windy to process them, … Continue reading

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Musical Coops

It’s getting to be that time of the year when we start moving chickens to the barn for the winter. Chickens are such creatures of habit, so it’s always a little difficult getting them trained to go to the barn … Continue reading

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Downsizing for Winter

As we head into winter, we decided it was a good time to sit down, think about and reevaluate the last year. While we feel the year went pretty well, there are a few things we’d like to do differently. … Continue reading

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Chick vs Chick in a Game of Cricket-Ball

What happens when you give 11 chicks a large cricket?

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Raw Milk Update; It Did This Tomato Vine Good

Remember my post I wrote about spraying raw milk on the garden to fertilize, plus control disease and insects? Well, I just thought I’d share an update on that. I quit spraying my garden about a month ago, but the … Continue reading

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Harsh Winter? What’s Woolly Bear Say?

A while back, we had a big invasion of caterpillars; covering bushes, weaving through the grass, tumbling across the road in the wind, they were everywhere. As I walked through the yard trying not to step on any, I happened … Continue reading

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Life’s Treasures

A bouquet of flowers freshly picked from the garden…

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Thirty Nine and One Fourth Eggs

Michael came in from doing night time chores with a big basket full of eggs…

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