Daily Archives: September 25, 2014

Our Broody Hen

Oh, those broody hens….how they make gathering eggs such a challenging adventure. They will squawk, get sassy, peck, grab the skin on your hand with their beak and pinch…anything to keep their eggs from being taken. In fact, that’s how the handle of my big plastic spoon, the one that I use to stir soaked grain for the chickens with, got broken. I was using it to battle a very, very, broody hen, so I could gather the eggs under her, and SNAP… it broke right in two. I wasn’t hitting her with it or anything like that; I was simply pushing her back with it so I could get the eggs under her. She didn’t like it at all and fought back with all her might and won the battle. It’s really hard to decide sometimes which is meaner, a rooster protecting his flock or a broody hen protecting her clutch of eggs.

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