All Things Chicken

I think out of everything homesteading related, chickens are probably my family’s favorite project. I know this sounds kind of funny, but chickens have great personalities and are very smart. Before we had chickens, I would have never thought of a chicken having a personality or being smart, but they are, plus they make good pets and can be very entertaining. I’ve had some interest shown and a quite a few questions asked about our chickens so I’ve decided to do a little series that covers everything about them. Some of the topics I’ve thought about covering are:

  • Starting out with Chickens
  • What breeds we have and how many
  • Where they live and how they all get along
  • Feeders and waterers we use
  • What we feed them
  • The roosters
  • Raising chickens for meat
  • Our broody hen
  • Our breeding project
  • Hatching chicks

My plan is to post a new All Things Chicken article each Thursday. If you have any other questions or topics you would like me to cover, let me know and I will include them on the list.

Pictured is Muffy Jane, one of our very spoiled hens. The chick

pictured on top is Muffy Jane when she was a chick.


Be sure to check back on Thursday for my first All Things Chicken post!


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