Daily Archives: September 5, 2014

One Last Dandelion

This morning as I opened the door to head out to do chores with Miley, I noticed there was a chill in the air. I told her that it seemed chillier than normal, so she grabbed her jacket. As we walked to the barn, we talked about how it feels like fall is in the air… soon the leaves will be falling from the trees and the days will be shorter.

Once we got to the barn, I milked the goat while Miley did her usual morning routine with her goat, Sweet Pea. Once we got that done, we turned the chickens in the barn loose and headed up to the other coops to feed, water and turn the others loose. As we neared the first coop, Miley glanced to the ground and saw a dandelion growing in the grass.

As the bent down to pick it she said, “Look mom, a dandelion!”

“Yes, that’s pretty,” I replied. Next to zinnias and marigolds, dandelions are ones of Miley’s favorite flowers… they’re not weeds at our house. They’re flowers.

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