Our New Keets

A month ago, if someone would have told me we’d be adding some keets to our farm yard, I would have said, “Some what???”, because I would have had no idea what they were talking about. Even if I would have known that keets are baby guineas, I still would have said, “Some what???”, because we have plenty of critters running around here and we don’t need to add any more ruckuses to the ruckus we already have. My family and I first learned about guineas at our county fair. We were visiting with someone that brought one as an exhibit, and who also raises them. He was telling us that guineas were excellent at keeping bugs down and have even been known to gang up on and kill small snakes. We decided to think about it and possibly get some in the future.

Well, the future came a lot sooner than I was expecting. Our farm store got some in and of course, we had to go in just to look. Nevertheless after the, “Hey, mom, look… they’re on sale right now… please can we get some, please?” I was talked into getting some. After picking out the cutest, healthiest looking ones and paying for them, we headed to the car with two boxfuls of fluffy cuteness.

We didn’t make it out of the parking lot before those boxes of fluffy cuteness started making the most annoying sound ever. To give you an idea of just how annoying it was, crank up the sound, click play, and imagine this twice as loud and listening to it non stop for 30 minutes…

So as we were driving home, our conversation went something like this…

Me: So ya still glad we decided to get some of these?

Brooke: What?


Brooke: WHAT?


There we sat for the rest of the trip home in conversationless, head throbbing, ear ringing, seriously-considering-taking-them-back-for-a-refund noise. At one point I thought that them being in two separate boxes and each hearing the opposite group was causing them to make so much noise. I put them all in the same box but it didn’t stop them, other than for a brief moment. Poor things were probably scared.

Let’s just say that by the time Brooke and I made it home, we were kinda cranky and our heads hurt. As we put them in the tote we usually keep chicks in, we were debating over which part of the house they would go in because neither of us wanted them anywhere close to our room, especially at night. We finally settled on putting them in the middle of the house. Soon my son, Dylan, came home from work. He works as a mechanic and it happened to be really hot that day. Being hot and tired, he was looking forward to relaxing in a nice cool, quiet house. The keets kept up the loud chirping off and on throughout the evening. Dylan was talking of using zip ties to tie their beaks shut, and there was even talk of keet stew for supper. Of course we’d never do that… but at the time it was sure tempting.

Luckily by night, they had settled in and were quietly chirping amongst themselves. We kept them in for about a week and a half, until their feathers had mostly grown in, and then put them out in the barn. They’ve never made any more racket like they did the day we brought them home, so keet stew is no longer on our menu. 🙂

Check back soon for pictures and an update on how they are doing now, plus more on why we wanted guineas and how to care for them.

2 thoughts on “Our New Keets

  1. Karen Squires

    Can’t wait to see what they look like-:) At first I thought you got guinea pigs. We have a guinea pig and she is crabby enough to kill a snake….she bites the bunnies. She doesn’t have feathers though so unless some guinea pigs come with feathers, you have something else-:)


    1. moso208 Post author

      Ha ha! How funny! Well, except for the part where she bites the bunnies, that’s not so funny. Poor bunnies!

      Yeah, we have something different. I never thought of it until now, but they almost sound the same don’t they? It’s been a while since we’ve had a guinea pig.



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