Daily Archives: August 28, 2014

The Butterflies Came to Visit

Beautiful, blooming flowers is one of Miley’s favorite things in life. Actually, she loves anything that involve flowers, whether it’s planting them, picking them, arranging them, smelling them, shopping for them… it all makes her happy. Give her a box of Jiffy pellets, a packet of seeds, a grow light, and she will happily busy herself with planting seeds and tending to them all by herself. After going through I don’t know how many boxes of Jiffy pellets and too-many-to-count seed packets, she filled both our vegetable garden and her own flower garden with many transplants. Now all of her hard work is finally paying off and she has a little garden full of beautiful, blooming flowers that she’s so proud of. Just when she thought her garden was full of all the happiness it could possibly hold….

the butterflies came to visit.

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