Couldn’t see the Peas for the Weeds

One morning I finished up chores earlier than I usually do. With a couple hours to spare before I had to fix lunch, I told the kids (Miley and my niece, who was with us that day) I was going to go work in the garden for an hour. The weeds in the garden had really gotten out of control with all the rain we’ve had. Since the garden was sopping wet, making the weeds easy to pull, I decided that I would take an hour and see how much weeding I could get done. I started pulling weeds down one row and as I got that one done, I went right to the next one.

Soon I made it to the peas. As I was weeding the peas, I was thinking that I really ought to pull them out because they really looked awful. They hadn’t grown very tall and were yellowish, so I just assumed they weren’t going to produce anything, plus it would make weeding a little quicker. Miley wanted to grow peas last year but I never got them in on time. I figured if I pulled them she’d be disappointed, so I decided to leave them for a while longer and continued to slowly make my way around them. Soon the kids came out to see if I was close to being done because they were hungry and ready for lunch.

As we were chatting I happened to look down and there, on a scraggly little vine, was a pea! As soon as the kids saw it they ran over, picked it, and excitedly started looking for more….

Soon they each had a kid sized handful of peas and were full of happiness and excitement…

We decided it was time for lunch, so as we headed up to the house I got to thinking…

As I was bent over weeding, my nose was probably at least 6 inches from a pea and I didn’t even see it because I was so busy focusing on getting those weeds pulled. Had I decided to pull out the pea plants, or not taken time to pause and actually look at them, there would have been a whole lot of pea picking fun missed out on…

Once we were in the house, the kids rinsed the peas. As they divided them up, I took advantage of a good learning moment and had the kids do the math to figure out how many peas we each got and had a little discussion about division and mulitplication. After that, I got lunch around while the kids got out plates and put a small pile of peas on each one. I finished filling their plates and we all sat down to eat…

I listened as the kids happily chatted about picking peas and what they were going to do for the rest of the afternoon.

As I cleaned up lunch, my mind wondered to the fun and laughter, the happiness and excitement…

the memories made and the peas that were actually eaten and liked….

and realized how grateful I am that I saw that pea hidden in the mess of weeds.

Life will always be busy and there will always be a rush to get things done…but just remember to take time and notice things no matter how small they are because it’s the small things that are the good stuff of life.

2 thoughts on “Couldn’t see the Peas for the Weeds

  1. Kathy

    Oh, how precious – our weeds have gotten out of control – I’d love to have two sweet helpers like them 🙂 I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,



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