Daily Archives: August 10, 2014

Couldn’t see the Peas for the Weeds

One morning I finished up chores earlier than I usually do. With a couple hours to spare before I had to fix lunch, I told the kids (Miley and my niece, who was with us that day) I was going to go work in the garden for an hour. The weeds in the garden had really gotten out of control with all the rain we’ve had. Since the garden was sopping wet, making the weeds easy to pull, I decided that I would take an hour and see how much weeding I could get done. I started pulling weeds down one row and as I got that one done, I went right to the next one.

Soon I made it to the peas. As I was weeding the peas, I was thinking that I really ought to pull them out because they really looked awful. They hadn’t grown very tall and were yellowish, so I just assumed they weren’t going to produce anything, plus it would make weeding a little quicker. Miley wanted to grow peas last year but I never got them in on time. I figured if I pulled them she’d be disappointed, so I decided to leave them for a while longer and continued to slowly make my way around them. Soon the kids came out to see if I was close to being done because they were hungry and ready for lunch.
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