Daily Archives: June 20, 2014

Our Garden

This is our third year having this garden where we now live. The first two years we tilled, then planted and mulched part of it with straw and the rest we tried to keep weeded. Also, our chickens free range so we learned early on that chickens and gardens are two things that don’t mix well at all. The first year when the mulch kept getting scattered and all the green tomatoes had holes pecked in them, we decided that we needed a fence around it. Not wanting to put too much time or money into it, we got orange plastic snow fencing and put it up with fence posts. It was a quick, easy, cheap fix that did the trick. The second year, we did the same but the fence started having wear and tear and the chickens kept finding holes and also learned how to squeeze under the fence where ever it was loose. Also we had the problem of weeds growing up through the fence, which made it hard to keep them under control because hoes and weed eaters just tore it up.

Our first garden in the current spot, summer of 2012.
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