Turkeys, where did you go?

We got the beans picked and snapped, now we just need to find time to can them.
A lot of times I don’t follow recipes and will just randomly make something according to what we have on hand. Sometimes it turns out great, other times not. Tonight’s supper was one of those experiments.
At chore time we found the turkeys missing so we had to find them and put them back in the coop. Always something around here….

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Worming Goats and Trimming Hooves

Got the usual fall worming and hoof trimming done on the goats. Picked a nice selection of produce from the garden for supper. Why is it that fall produce tastes so much better?

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Wow… that fence IS hot!

I picked tomatoes while Michael worked on expanding the pasture fence. Brooke decided to buy the car so the kids were busy helping her clean and shine it up. Dylan wondered exactly how hot the electric fence was so he tested it out for himself.

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Run Away Turkey and Two Trips To Town

Ever have one of those days that goes on and on and actually over laps into the next day? This was one of those days for us. Started out around midnight finishing up night chores because of a run away turkey. Once the sun came up, it was the usual chores and then we made a trip to town to check out a car for Brooke. Then it was back home to grab a trailer to help Dylan move in a desk. By the time we got home from that, it was midnight.

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Cozy Fire and Scary Coyotes

We started out the day with the usual chores. Milking is quickly coming to an end for the year as we dry up the goat. I’m looking forward to having a break from milking but we sure are going to miss the good milk.
We found that a couple of our chicken’s nails grew long so we caught them and trimmed them up. The day ended with a relaxing fire and star gazing… until the coyotes started howling… then the relaxation was over.

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Funday Friday, Want A Hug?

Took a short break from our normal routine to have a little fun in town. No matter what, chores have to be done everyday. So once we got done with our fun in town we had to make sure we got all the chores done once we got home.  

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Gobbling With the Turkeys & A Super Simple Supper

Conversations with the turkeys, being captured by a cat squirrel, chores, freeing a stuck goat, a new nest of guinea eggs, beautiful weather, lots of produce from the garden, and a simple supper. It’s just another great day on the homestead.

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We Switched Things Up a Bit

One day over the weekend the kids were gone and it was just my husband and I home. So we had us a little date scooping poop, cleaning things up and doing some much needed fixing up to a few things. Now that everything is all switched up we have a whole new morning chore routine.
We also picked beans and the kids have been keeping busy with a few projects they came up with on their own. Who needs toys when you have sticks, paint, string and a bog box to play with?

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Last Cutting of Alfalfa Put Up For Winter & A Hoppity Rooster

We got the last of our alfalfa cut, baled and put up for winter.  It’s a relief to have that done.  We had a rooster get tangled in some string, so we had to chase him down and free him, then we spent a good part of the day getting chicken broth canned.

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Sick Chicks and A Fancy Bird Nest

Sick chicks… a fancy bird nest… chicken broth started… marshmallows done… filled the dehydrator with peppers… it was a day full of work and fun.

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