Hatching Turkeys, Chores, Garden Work, Tiny House Wall Covering… It’s A Day on the Homestead!

We have a lot of stuff to get done and a lot of stuff happening, Join us for a day in our life, while we do chores, watch turkeys hatch, take care of the garden, and get some work done on our tiny houses.


A Sneak Peak of Our Garden, A Tiny House & Homestead Update

It’s been a while… but we’ve been working hard to get ready to kick off our summer time vlogging fun! It’s going to be a summer filled with tiny house building, gardening, animals and lots of daily life on a small farm. But most importantly, we’re going to enjoy living simply and focus on doing more of what we love. We’re excited and hope you’ll join us for a summer of fun.

MORE VLOGS THIS SUMMER!… Cause We’re Doing MORE of What We LOVE!

Having a good life and being satisfied with your life is about doing more of what you love. For us, living in the country with our animals, growing a a garden, building our tiny house and working towards a simpler, more self sufficient life IS what we love. By finding a job where I could be off during the summer and doing some financial planning, I am able to take the summer off…. which means more vlogs this summer…lots more! 🙂